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Poppy Love.

Thank you for the amazing client reviews!

After my long term hairdresser retired & numerous disastrous experiences with two hairdressers before coming to Poppy & hundreds of dollars later, I finally found a match regarding a new stylist for me!! I'm thrilled!! Susan was amazing in every way. Quick, thorough, precise, friendly & soooo nice/personable, I feel so relieved!! Thank you so much Susan and to the young new stylist who washed/blow dried/straightened my hair afterwards; so kind and nice. I pre-booked for highlights again in 3 months & am looking forward to it!! Would recommend this place to anyone. And prices are not gouging, making you go broke like others I experienced. Thanks again!

Susan W.

I used Bailey as a stylist, I didn't get my hair cut, but she gave me a GREAT hair consultation. After battling with my hair for years trying to find the right products, and learning how to properly washing it, she gave me many useful tips. The salon was extremely clean and they practiced wiping everything down.
Anyway I'll go here to get my hair cut by Bailey when it grows out again!

Jackson R.

I love Poppy Hair Boutique. Thank you to Gretchen, Karianne and Spencer for the professional, respectful service.  I also love my hair.  When I obviously cut my own bangs, no one makes a comment, they just fix it. The salon is welcoming and friendly.  I  am grateful I found Poppy.

Sandra M.

I have wavy hair that I never really knew what to do with even though I watched so many tutorials on how to handle it. I never paid much attention the haircuts I was getting and thought maybe that was the issue. I did my research and went to a place expecting a huge transformation (my fault for having too high expectations) and was disappointed when I paid $100+ for a haircut that left it looking the same as my regular $30 ones. Then I did more research and found Poppy. I ended up booking with Josh and he's so amazing. I've never been so in love with my hair in its natural state. Especially since I went from long, waist length hair to a lob. He's so friendly and outgoing, and not to mention does an amazing job. He was also really informative and gave me tips on how to style my hair and get more definition on my waves. I rarely cut my hair but I can't wait to go back to see him.

F. G.

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