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Why Should I See A Colour Specialist?

Three great reasons why you should choose a colour specialist.

Reason #1 – Condition

For challenging colour needs seeing a colour specialist is a great option. When you are going for a big change, or you’re dealing with a previous colour that went wrong, keeping your hair in the best condition possible takes a skilled professional.

Reason #2 – Cutting edge technique

Poppy is a training salon. Our specialists are dedicated to ongoing training and are up to date with the newest colour trends and techniques. Colour masters offer exceptional services for guests and pass that training on to our new generation of stylist/technicians.

Reason #3 – Getting the right undertone is an art form

People are either warm or cool toned. The shade of blonde you choose for your hair depends on the underlying tones in your skin. A good technician can pick your tone and match it. Read our article about skin tones and going blonde here.

Poppy Designated Colour Specialists

Susan Hyslop

Susan Hylsop has over 25 years of hair colouring experience Susan is Poppy’s top hair colour specialist. She has encountered almost every colour problem you can imagine. Efficient and attentive, Susan takes her work to heart, ensuring her clients get the best results. She stays abreast of trends and never tires of being a student. Susan specializes in creamy blondes, vibrant or soft reds and rich deep browns, while striving to maintain the hair’s health and integrity. Her training includes Aveda, Bumble & Bumble, L’Oréal, Goldwell, and Schwarzkopf

– Aveda National

– Ace Hair Colour Program

– Aveda Colour Wise

– Aveda Rock Your Reds

Julie Silva

With over sixteen years experience as a Colour Tech and eight years as an Aveda Colour Specialist and Lead Colour Educator. Julie specializes in Balayage, Ombre, colour corrections, creating perfect blondes, complete Grey coverage and damage free hair colour. Julie’s impressive editorial portfolio includes working with Toronto Fashion Magazine, Canadian Living Magazine, as well as Elite and Elmer Olson modeling agency and some of Toronto’s top models. Her resume includes the delivery of inspirational education seminars for colour operators across the country including:

– Aveda Canada – Aveda Hair Colour Magic

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