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Updos Vancouver

Our model, Leah, also a stylist at Poppy, has shoulder length hair, as seen here on the left. There is a fair amount of layering and texture making her hair lighter and more manageable while it”s down, but a little tricky for a stylist to fit all those bits into a nice smooth updo.

The first look here on the right is an adaption of the Chignon. Mie takes a classic hairstyle and adds her own flair to it. Working with Leah”s texture she creates a stunning pinwheel of soft curl.

The loose offset hold and and tendrils along the fringe in the front give it a romantic accent. Click here to see the front view and click on the image to see the larger view.

The next updo is what WE like to call the “Texas Prairie Roll”. Pair it up with some contemporary evening attire . . . or petty coats and pistols if you want to look like you just walked of the set of Cowboys and Aliens. Talk about versatile! Click on the image to see the larger view.

These are just two examples of the numerous updos we can spice up your holiday party look with. Come in for a consultation today and we”ll offer you a number of ideas that will compliment your look, length and type of hair.

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