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Straightening Your Hair

It’s true. Some of us want what we haven’t got. Thank goodness we did away with the perm. Those of you that blossomed in the 80s will remember the 2-3 hour chemical bath extravaganza that left your hair often frizzy at best. Rest in peace!

Now fashion never sleeps and somewhere in the past ten salemucc years straight hair became all the rage. For those of us that once again find ourselves the have-nots of “In” hair, the challenge is on to find the product that gives us that sought after shiny, sleek, flowing look.

Enter Concen-straight Hair Straightening Treatment

Bumble and bumble Concen-straight Pro treatment, lasts up to 30 washes. This gentle yet potent straightener smoothens hair for lasting manageability and frizz reduction with non-damaging Concern-straight Technology that maintains the hair’s natural integrity. This product is less about poker straight hair and more suited for more manageable, smoother hair. The idea is to take you natural attributes and make them better.

Straightening Products to Support the Look

Bumble and Bumble has an extensive line of supporting products. The Straight Line contains a blend of gemstones including pearl, tourmaline, Brazilian green malachite and sapphire powder. The straight line includes a Bb straight shampoo, Bb straight conditioner, and Bb straight blow dry.

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