We are only interested in you taking home the products that you need. Our clients recognize that we have long term solutions for their hair. It doesn’t benefit us for you to have a product warehouse in your bathroom with nothing that works!

Poppy stylists have the knowledge to help you find the right products that will make a difference in your hair. Our testing process is on-going and we are committed to educating ourselves on the best products the industry can offer. 



Aveda is a sustainable product line naturally derived from plant and flowers.  Poppy carries Aveda’s extensive line of hair, body, skin make-up and exclusively use Aveda professional hair color. 

Aveda and Poppy share a common mission of caring for the planet we live in.


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Bumble and Bumble has a broad range of products developed with you in mind.

Through a continuous process of self-examination and re-invention Bumble and bumble always provides something new and exciting.

bumble and bumble products

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R+Co are all about finding a product that best matches your point of view and creating an experience.

Made without parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and petrolatum, R+Co products have the health of the hair and the scalp in mind.