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Vidal Sassoon Tribute by Liz Hopgood

Keeping in step with Poppy”s approval of continued education, our stylist Liz recently attended the Vidal Sassoon Academy for Advanced Training. We want to share liz”s great work.

Skills and techniques that Liz honed in the training process:

  • Creating strong lines

  • How to remove weight in the hair without thinning or texturing the hair

  • New fringe cutting techniques

  • New fringe cutting techniques

She found the training helped her to refocus on techniques she had learnt years ago, also inspiring her to utilize techniques she already knew, but had never used. We”re mighty proud of the looks she”s masterfully produced. See for yourself!

About Vidal Sassoon

Like Coco Chanel, Vidal Sassoon was an orphaned as a child and found his way from very little means to fame, fortune and notoriety. He revolutionized hair-styling in the 1960″s with his sharp geometric styles and amassed a 480 million dollar empire. That”s apparently how grateful we were to be taken out of roller sets and beehives. Shortly before his death in 2012 he was bestowed a CBE by the queen of England, an award only slightly less fancy than Knighthood.

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